Eff Your Fears Interviews Kari Nissena



Eff Your Fears Podcast Interviews KariNissena

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Thanks to Ashley Monique Menard for inviting me to be a guest expert on her show!  Such a pleasure!

I shared different strategies to help actors deal with fear in their careers.

Enjoy & Break legs!




About the Author
Kari Nissena is an actress, producer, and biz coach for actors in Hollywood, California. With hundreds of credits to her name, she has worked in film, theatre, commercials, voiceover, television, and more. As a business coach for actors, she has coached thousands of actors how to take control of their careers! Actor Transformation is committed to helping actors find success in their careers by providing education, motivation, and valuable tools & resources. *** More About Kari on IMDB: http://www.imdb.me/KariNissena