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Bliss Productions has produced dozens of films, events, webisodes, two series and more!

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* Happy News About a Few of Our Peeps! *

Brittani Ebert:  Brittani got her SAG Eligibility, Booked Multiple roles, AND signed with a wonderful manager.  Go get em Brittani!

Camille Calvin:  In “Two Nations”, “Stateside” & “Unusual Suspects”.

Kim Irwin Dildine:  Booked “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”

Ian Eugene Ryan:  Wrote an award-winning script & is producing & starring in the film “Clemente”.

Jacqueline Murphy:  Produced & Starred in “The Admired!

Emanuel Gironi:  “One Day at a Time”, “Boyle Heights”, & “Simple Choice”

Bobby Sampson:  “The Break and Run”, “Queen Pin”, The Pick Up”, “The Swap”

Madelon Curtis:  Booked “Chance” & “Caged No More”

Susan Gallagher:  “Cobra Kai”, “Queering”, “Bloodline”, “Loki”, “NCIS:NOLA”, and many more!

GLOW Girls:  Have booked over 500 animation, toy, commercial, and singing voiceover projects!

Judy Jean Kwon:  Wrote, Produced, & Starred in “MILFriend”

Chris Gaunt: “Follow Her”, “Paint”, “Catching Up”,  & “Daydreams of a Drowning Girl”

Mary Ann Rodgers:  Filmed “Going Out”, “The House on Lucky Street”, & “The Mentor”

Dana Sparks:  “Passions” and “The Young & the Restless”

Veronica Wheat: (aka “ChefV“) has authored a fantastic book “Making Cleansing Easier”, starred in many new videos, and as a celebrity chef is asked to be a special guest and expert on many podcasts, websites, shows, etc!

Millie Capellan:  Booked recurring on “Good Girls Revolt”

Tammy Kaitz: “Man Camp”, “The Bone Garden”, “Malfunction”,and many more!

Conrad Cecil:  “The Omega Protocol” & “Julius Caesar 2014”

Shad Roberts:  Creator and Star of series “The Wasp News”

Bill Dietz:  “Demon Fighter”, “Grandpa’s Hands”, & “Table Talk”

John Blair II:  “Wings Over Iberia”

David Beeler:  “Ratched”, “Black-ish”, & “Franklin & Bash”

Rhonda Davis:   “Lady of the Manor” & “Deadly Suspicion”

Eddie James:  Co-Hosted Red Carpet Event & Booked “Battle of the Sexes”, & “Hush”

Christine Jace:  Produced & Starred in “Dream Girl”  & Booked “Iniquity”

Al Pugliese:  Booked “Good Girls Revolt” & Recurring on “American Horror Story”  

Debora Jan Gray:  Creator of  “Authentically, Debz: A Southern Girl Looks at 70” 

Jessica Risco:  Congrats on booking “86 Melrose Avenue”  

Joey Lanai:  Worked on “Fierce Target”, “Iniquity”, “Days of Our Lives”, and “Jane the Virgin”.

Dana Lyn Baron:  “Being the Ricardos”, “Mank”, & “Bosch”

Pamela Morgan:  Celebrity Chef starring in “Flirting with Flavors” & Expert Judge on The Food Network.

Rasheda Ali:  International Author, Speaker, Advocate, Actress, Host,  & More!

Scotty Servis:  “Barracuda”, “Rude Boy”, & “1000 Ways to Die”

Teresa Hunt:  “Irresistible” and “Reveal”

Melinda Grace:  Creator & Host of “Everyday Extraordinary Women”

Michelle Jewsbury:  Wrote & Starred in “But I Love Him” & Author of Book of the same title!

Nate Bynum:  Guest Starred on “How to Get Away with Murder”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Crash”, & More

Terry Kaye:   Starred in “Oakdale 1959”, wrote “Dog Only Knows”, and acted in “We Go On”.

Bill Oberst Jr.Congrats to the super-talented and amazing Bill Oberst Jr.!  You will hear more from him in our interview series.  He has over 170 credits on IMDb … And Counting!  Check out this star in the making HERE

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