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Richard Haylor

Welcome Richard!  Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.  Please let us know a little about your acting background.

I studied Theater Arts at school in Birmingham England, and went on to work with local drama groups.After 30 years behind the camera as a professional photographer.  I returned to acting after chatting with Jason Statham and Ed Arenas (casting director) from the movie “Transporter 2 ” They used my night club when shooting scenes in downtown Miami.

What are the biggest differences you have found from working as an actor in the UK vs the US?

The pace of the business is definitely faster in the US.  I feel that there are a lot more opportunities in the U.S. because of the sheer volume of production here.  Casting Directors are more open and willing to give you a chance in America.  The industry in the UK is to a certain extent still rooted in tradition.  Self taping auditions for example is still minimal compared to the states.  This is however slowly changing.

What are some of your favorite projects so far?

I’m not being a “luvvie” when I say that I’ve so far always worked with really nice actors. You often here “how wonderful everyone was” and you think to yourself  “Really? Absolutely everyone was absolutely wonderful? Mmmnnn.  But in my case it’s true, Honestly! I’ve been very lucky. Having said that, my favorite theater experience, so far would definitely be working on Pinter’s two – hander,”The Dumb Waiter” playing opposite Michael O’Hagan directed by Patrick Dromgoole.
On a film set, working with comedy genius Stephen Merchant on the movie “Table 19” directed by Geoffrey Blitz, was great as was Paul Rodriguez on Tom Musca’s “Chateau Vato” Paul is full-time funny. Just to be in the presence of these actors and directors was a privilege and inspiration that will stay with me forever.

What was the best advice you ever received as an actor? 

I would relate an incident that happened to me in London last year. The wonderful Irish playwright Billy Roche said  “Richard, whatever happens you must always keep going. You must never give up, you just have to carry on.” I know actors say similar things to help each other through hard times, but when a man of Billy’s stature who has been through it all, and more, tells you this, it means the world.

An actor mate of mine, Richard Zavaglia said when I nervously asked him for advice the night before working with a very high profile group of actors said.”Remember you have been selected to do a job because they liked your work. You have every right to be on that set , and when the camera rolls all actors are equals, its about the work. for F*** sake relax and try to enjoy it”.  

So I will gladly borrow that great advice and pass it down to other actors… “You must always keep going. You must never give up, you just have to carry on. You have every right to be on that set.  Relax and enjoy it!”

Great advice indeed.  So, what’s next for you?

I’m currently working on a feature called “The Prophet”, which is in development. There are quite a few others projects in the works as well. I am happy to say that I am traveling and working quite a bit in film and television in Florida, London, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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