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Teresa Hunt

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What made you get into acting?

I decided to shake things up in my life. I believe in getting outside of your comfort zone so I did three things that scared me:
1. I wanted to feel sexy – Took burlesque classes
2. Scared of heights – Went Skydiving
3. Hated being the center of attention – Audited an acting class and fell in love!

Tell us about your favorite acting experiences so far?

I played a character that was so unlike me!She was a bit of a train wreck and just so over the top…so out of my wheelhouse and fun to play!I just went for it.I made the bold choice and it worked brilliantly. Such as wonderful experience.

Guilty pleasures?

I love curling up with a cold serving of bubblegum ice cream and watching Supernatural or British mysteries.  I even dabble in Curling.

Any advice you would like to share with actors?

Never live your life by someone else’s narrative…or you’ll miss the best story, Yours!

What’s next for you?

I continue to learn the business and improve my instrument with an in-depth study of acting.  I am branching out into voiceover work.  I am also looking forward to starring in two Michael Veritas projects with Reactant Films!

Teresa Hunt






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