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The holidays are always a fantastic time to reflect.
Looking back on the past year, we have to take stock in all the wonderful gifts we have been given in life. This is truly one of the best secrets of living life as a happy actor.

What we focus on expands. Plain and simple. If we worry every day about “paying the bills” or “getting by” or “surviving” then that is what the universe will give us more of.  But if we concentrate every day on how lucky we are that we have what we have and are who we are…the universe will give us more of those goodies too!

Yes…this can be very challenging when you are struggling to make ends meet, or have a health issue, or have to take care of a loved one, or you got a flat tire…etc. But you know what? The alternative to gratitude only hurts…YOU!

If you find that your life is often stressful, or that people are always making you angry, then your default button might just be on the wrong setting. If we reset our brains to think in gratitude, you quickly find that there becomes more and more to be grateful for.
I know actors who are talented, rich, gorgeous, etc…. that are absolutely miserable simply because of their outlook on life.
Yet I know other actors who are the opposite who live in gratitude and are humble, a delight to be around, and most importantly…HAPPY.
Happiness… It’s really the whole point of this crazy thing we call life, isn’t it?  Especially since being happy is just a choice.
Yes…. you will probably have horrible things happen to you in your lifetime. That kinda goes with the territory if you live long enough. But guess what? As long as you are here… you can start fresh every day of your life… isn’t that cool?

So take a second and jot down all the things that you are grateful for… They can be big things like your family and friends or that you have a place to live, but they can also be simple silly things like … you love resting your head on your pillow at night, you hear a great song on the radio or a child giggling, or you were given the gift of another day…. How very lucky indeed!
Once we shift our focus to be on the good stuff, the universe reciprocates.

So if you have a bad audition … hey you were lucky enough to HAVE an audition – Millions of other actors wish the had an audition that day.

You are being typecast by Hollywood? Hey the key word there is CAST!

So let’s tackle this career and life with fresh new joy and fearlessness. After all… There is so much to be grateful for!

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