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From The GLOW Girls!  ~  Kari

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” Working with Kari was a fantastic experience. Kari is so knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the industry. Her knowledge runs deep and she shares creative tips, tricks, and her ingenious ideas freely. Kari is extremely organized, timely, and goal-oriented. She set clear, measurable goals, and always communicated status updates and plans to achieve those goals. Kari also listens and does her research to ensure that every consulting session spent together is productive. As well, her follow up is always on point and reliable. Kari also has such a friendly and engaging personality coupled with excellent communication skills – such a pleasure to work with!
Prior to working with Kari, our marketing and PR efforts were entirely a solo effort. The Glow Girls team enlisted Kari’s expertise to improve, polish, and gain attention for the Glow Girls’ work and brand. Specifically, we sought Kari’s expertise to boost our IMDb presence as well as secure media outlets, press, and interview articles about the Glow Girls’ voiceover career.

Specific major points of benefit from working with Kari that made a huge impact for the Glow Girls business and online presence:

  • Learned step-by-step how to bolster and improve our IMDb presence
  • Learned to use various media outlets to help secure media placements
  • Coached on PR, social media, interview pitch techniques to get the most mileage out of our media placements.

One of the biggest differences I felt in working with Kari, is that she truly became part of our team. Prior to working with Kari, all of our marketing efforts were on our own. It’s extremely difficult to try and learn everything there is to know about IMDb, the entertainment business, PR strategies… it’s overwhelming! It was such a relief to be able to tap into a trusted resource like Kari with her depth of expertise! She really did her research to understand our business and our brand and effectively supported our goals and marketing efforts. She is invaluable!

We greatly benefitted from Kari’s coaching and consultation:

  • Improved IMDb – both Glow Girls’ fully populated their IMDb pages. Kari gave strategies for videos, photos, links, news, listings and more that really amped up the professionalism and first impression of both Glow Girls’ IMDb pages. Prior to Kari’s coaching, the pages lacked punch and didn’t give full credit to their achievements. The ideas Kari implemented really improved their profiles, and as a result, their presence has improved.
  • Booked interviews – one of the Glow Girls’ biggest goals was to secure more media placement and interviews. With Kari’s expertise and creative ideas in pitching, we were able to secure over half a dozen booked interviews! In addition, Kari provided a substantial list of additional media resources for us to draw upon in the future.
  • Coaching Calls, Accountability, & Support – Kari really is an extension of your personal marketing and PR team. She is a great communicator, goal-focused, and very hands-on. Not only did every consulting session have a plan and follow up, but frequently Kari would be available for support in between sessions, and would reach out with opportunities and ideas in between consulting sessions too! 

I always say… you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result! Kari has an excellent reputation in the market, and I am so incredibly grateful that I followed a colleague’s suggestion to connect with her. During my years managing the Glow Girls’ business, I have worked with many coaches, consultants and marketing services. Above all, Kari easily has had the quickest, most impactful, and most measurable impact on the Glow Girls’ marketing and business presence. If you want to inject your brand, your business, or your online presence with creativity and visibility, I would highly recommend working with Kari! Get off the fence 😊”

~ Susan Glow ~ GLOW Girls Management
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IMDb – Cassie

IMDb – Sabrina




Glow Girls Voiceover


Cassie & Sabrina Glow are 2 Awesome Sisters and Professional Voiceover & Singing Talent with Hundreds and Hundreds of Professional Credits.  These Rising Stars are Taking the Voiceover World by Storm!


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***  Thank you again to Susan and the GLOW Girls for your beautiful words. It is a true pleasure to work with you and to see the progress Cassie & Sabrina are seeing in their careers!  I know that the sky is the limit for The GLOW Girls! 💜

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