Three Online Actor Tips


Our primary communication with the industry is now online. Yet there are still many actors out there that resist using the wonderful free resources available to us.

If the industry does not know you exist or cannot find you…they cannot HIRE you!
Here are three quick tips to help you appear more professional right away. PLEASE DO THESE Simple Steps for your career TODAY!

#1 ~ Make yourself a professional email address for your acting career with your first and last name.

MUST be Your First Name FIRST, Then Your Last Name @ gmail or yahoo, or wherever you use…
IF that email is already taken, then add “Actor” or “Actress” to the end.
*** Do NOT put an underscore, or hyphen, or dot, or numbers, or cute little phrases, …or even last name first, etc etc…
It is shocking how many people put the year they were born in their email address. Not only is that crazy because of age discrimination in Hollywood, but it also gives ammo to identity thieves… And if you add your favorite number, people may think it means your age anyways.
Just make it first name + last name…done.
You also should do this with your websites and social media so some accountant in Iowa who shares your same name does not get ownership of if that is your name.
This is a part of your branding and is very important. I have to tell actors this almost every day of my life.
Please listen. It takes 5 minutes to get a new additional email. It is free. You don’t even need to get rid of your current or old email addresses.

#2 ~ Add an automatic SIGNATURE to your emails.

If you don’t know how to do this: Just read in your “Options” or “Help” or “FAQ” etc… section of your email company.
AND, make sure your email settings are always set to reply with the
ENTIRE original email automatically when you reply to an email.
I cannot tell you how many times I get random phone calls from actors who don’t leave their full names and phone numbers on my voice mail and I get emails all the time from actors where their email address says something like … and no other information is in the email except a note that says “sound great” etc… Signed “J”
So… I have no idea who the person is, what they are talking about, and they didn’t include their phone number, etc…
Happens ALL the time! And actors lose acting work all the time because of these simple mistakes.
There are multiple reasons why these two tips are VITAL in your career. Please take 5 minutes to set up your signature then you won’t have to think about it again.
Your automatic signature should look something like this:
Joe Smith
(310) 555-1234
(You get where I’m going with this…make your stuff make sense!)

#3 – (Social Media and IMDb)

Even if you resisted Facebook or Twitter, etc…it is not too late!
If you haven’t yet…Go grab yourself profiles on the following sites:
(Make sure that your full name comes first so people can find you)
Again… If you have a very common name…you may add “Actor” or “Actress” at the End.
(There are many more than the ones below but here are the 4 main social sites that
will probably have the most impact on your career as of right now.)
*** Go and take 5 minutes each and set up your accounts … Most are FREE. Take advantage of this free form of press.
And for IMDb … You must have a pic up there if you want to be an actor. Even if you haven’t gotten your first IMDb credit yet, you need to be able to be found on IMDb. Do this now. There are too many reasons to mention here why this is important. But two of the reasons are that you don’t want to end up being JoeSmith # 27. PLUS you need to be able to be easily found so when your producers, directors, production companies are trying to give you your imdb credits for the work you did, it goes to the correct actor –YOU. (If they do not know, they might give your credit to a costumer with the same name, or create a new profile that doesn’t currently exist… either way… You are making their jobs more difficult and making your imdb credit more diluted.)
Add your headshot(s) to all the sites.
Make your handles your FirstNameLastName and if that is taken … then “FirstNameLastNameActor” so people can find you.
Take baby steps… You do not need to become a Twitter/Social Media expert over night…
But if you at least have profiles, then people can find you and you can
start to get followers in your sleep and learn a tiny bit at a time.
Set up your profiles now, even if you don’t have the time to utilize it right now… you will need these down the line…
Not bad for 5 minutes of work!
Once these simple tasks are complete you be much further ahead in creating your online presence.
Remember that a big part of being at the right place at the right time is simply being able to be found!
© 2013 Kari Nissena


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