A Few Self Revelations by Actor Dennis Martin Clarke
We had a quick fun interview with the wonderful actor Dennis Martin Clarke to find out what are some of his favorite things. Enjoy!

Favorite Film
“Same Time Next Year”

Favorite Novel
“A Separate Peace”

Favorite Dessert
Frozen custard from Ted Drewes Frozen Custard stand in St. Louis

Favorite Park
Forest Park in St. Louis

Favorite Man & Woman
My Dad and Mom

Favorite Place to Visit
Greenwich Village in New York City

Favorite Bit of Fun
I love riding a sled down a snowy hill.

Favorite Past Time
I love going to a movie with good friends.

Favorite Feel Good Thing
I love seeing kids do well and feeling proud of themselves.

Favorite Way to Grow & Practice Self-Improvement
I love building my acting career.

Favorite Thing That You Most Appreciate
My Guardian Angel

Favorite Sports Team
Kutis soccer team of St. Louis
(Winner of six national championships and a bunch of great guys!)


* To Find Out More About Dennis *
IMDb Link:  http://www.imdb.me/dennismartinclarke

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