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Michelle Jewsbury


Actor Transformation:  What are you working on right now?

Michelle Jewsbury  –  I recently completed a run of my play, “But I Love Him” – a solo show, at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in July 2016.  I used my experience from starring in the play Proof  back in 2011 to write, produce and perform in the 65 minute drama.  In August 2016 I completed the first draft of my memoir, But I Love Him, and I am scheduled to be interviewed on KKLA’s show Bring It Up! with Deb & Cindy early 2017.  I also just filmed a regional commercial with Iconoclast productions!


AT – Yes, We heard you have a book coming out soon.  Tell us about that …

MJ – The beginning of 2012 I began a relationship with a man who became physically and emotionally abusive.  I stayed for over three years.  During this time I suffered two severe beatings that should have resulted in hospitalization and multiple abusive explosions from my perpetrator.  My book, But I Love Him, is about why I stayed, details of specific events, and why I left.  I hope to encourage men and women around the globe who have suffered from domestic violence and enlighten others about this all too common issue that demands immediate attention.


AT – Not only are you an actress, playwright, & author, but you are doing amazing work all around the globe as an activist.  Tell us about your work as a humanitarian. 

MJ – I have always had a heart for the less fortunate.  In May 2014 I took my first humanitarian trip to Guatemala and have been to four countries since helping underprivileged youth and women.  In 2015 I embarked in a career as Vice President for Young Vision Africa, a non-profit doing humanitarian work in Sierra Leone.  I stayed with YVA until August 2016 when I decided to leave the organization to focus my efforts on ending domestic violence.


AT – You have been interviewed by A Girls Guide to a Man’s World, Everyday Extraordinary Women, and Suicide Girls talk radio about your book and play.  What has this process been like for you?

MJ – Often times I say that God makes beautiful things out of broken pieces.  The awareness that I have been able to spread because of various interviews has been exhilarating and unbelievably healing.  I hope to continue speaking about my past experiences and future accolades.  I strive to inspire those who have struggled with violent pasts and to reassure victims to stay positive because their life can and will be remarkable. 


AT – You were on Soultrain and Dance 360.  Are you a dancer?

MJ – I wouldn’t consider myself a dancer, just a girl who knows how to shake it.  I was a varsity cheerleader at Moanalua High School where my team taught me to keep a rhythm.  I love music.  In 2011 I worked on Music and Memories, a documentary about The Platters.  I loved meeting Jean Bennett and dancing a bit on set when the camera wasn’t rolling!



For More Info About Michelle Jewsbury:


Website:  http://www.michellejewsbury.com

IMDb:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3643475/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/mjewsbury

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/michelle.jewsbury?fref=ts

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/michellejewsbury/

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-jewsbury-5310953b




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