Actor Spotlight” Interview Series asks actors in our Actor Transformation Family five quick questions about themselves and their careers.  Enjoy!


Tell Us About Any of Your Special Skills That Got You Acting Work?
I guess all acting is a special skill, isn’t it? I have been fortunate enough to work a lot in voiceover so I have been hired to do accents and voices.
I also got to do some stunts back in the day and one of my most recognizable film roles was where I got to swing dance with Sandra Dee in “Until They Sail”.

How About Hobbies?
My dancing is not only a special skill, but it’s also a hobby too! I go to fun ballroom/swing dancing events. And I attend the theatre all the time. Especially the Pantages, Mark Taper Forum, & Ahmanson

Who Have Been Your Favorite Actors Or Directors That You Worked With?
Oh Boy … Where do I even start? I can’t play favorites, but I’ve worked with some pretty great people in Hollywood. Some of the names people might recognize are: Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, Mickey Rooney, Robert Downey Jr., Deborah Kerr, Sandra Dee, Cloris Leachman, Glen Ford, Jean Simmons, Lee Marvin, Joan Fontaine, Dean Stockwell, Red Buttons, Richard Attenborough, Piper Laurie, Rod Serling, Loretta Young, Aaron Spelling, Vincente Minnelli, Rita Wilson, Leonard Nimoy, Jack Webb, Timothy Dalton, Nastassja Kinski, Sara Bolger, and John Heard,… just to name a FEW!

How Do You Want Your Career To Be Remembered?
I always tried to be a part of something that interested me and set me on fire and I always want the audience to feel the same way.

Best Piece Of Advice For Other Actors?
Get out of the house and go and do the work!

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