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What Are YOU Most Grateful For?
There are so many things I am grateful for — family, friends, being in LA. When I consider my acting career I’m extremely grateful for the time I spent living in NYC and working with up and coming directors on films like “Stella”, “Legend of the Medallion”, “Million Man Search”, “The Lovebirds”, and “Carry On”. When I moved to LA, two of those directors sent me flowers wishing me luck! #grateful

What Is The Scariest Thing You Ever Did In Your Career?
By far THE SCARIEST thing I’ve done yet in my career is standup! I literally thought I was going to die. So, instead of just doing it once, I did it TWICE and also hosted an evening of standup. I cheated death three times. I now hugely respect and admire any female comedian out there! Props to them.

Lets Hear About Your Future Projects
I’m excited to announce the premier of my solo show! Opening February 15th, 2017 at 8pm @ WhiteFire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. Also, I have some great interviews with “Everyday, Extraordinary Women” that I can’t wait to release on my YouTube Channel early 2017. Subscribe today! (Shameless plug) 🙂

What Keeps You Motivated?
The joy I get out of being on set or in a play and meeting new people and telling great stories. I’ve tried several other jobs and nothing comes close to the satisfaction and excitement I get from being creative.

Please Share a Recent Actor Victory
I just started keeping a “Victory Journal”! (I highly recommend doing that:) This fall, I had callbacks for a feature film and for a TV show that I was excited about. I also had an audition on the WB lot and performed my 10 minute solo show, “Acting 101”. Just to name a few victories…

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